Machine Learning Solutions in Pharma

Patient-Voice Healthcare Business Intelligence

As a life-sciences leader, if you are looking to increase your product-market fit by using comprehensive patients-voice analytics, and if you are willing to trade guess-work for machine-learning evidence on your competitive landscape - We can help you!

The Value of Cross-Referenced Data

Data2Life is the first company to capture and make accessible “real-world” drug related effects intelligence from multi-sourced, cross-referenced data.


Electronic Health Records

Millions of clinical events recorded by medical professionals


Regulatory Agency Reports

Adverse Events reporting systems with millions of reports


Social Media Posts

Billions of patient-generated content gathered across the web

With real-world intelligence and analytical tools, pharmaceutical companies, health plans, hospitals and other healthcare stakeholders can gain insights and take actions to promote innovation, clinical research, drug safety and pharmacovigilance.



Visibility Across Therapeutic Classes

pop_at_riskIn-depth Profiles and Studies

Post-launch Tracking and Alerts

A Platform to Drive Medical Cannabis Innovation

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Adverse Events: High Risk, Big Impact


Bottom Line: Drug Adverse Events Morbidity and Mortality Costs
May Exceed Cost of Medication Itself