Machine Learning Solutions in Pharma

Patient-Voice Healthcare Business Intelligence

As a life-sciences leader, if you are looking to increase your product-market fit by using comprehensive patients-voice analytics, and if you are willing to trade guess-work for machine-learning evidence on your competitive landscape - We can help you!

The Value of Cross-Referenced Data

Data2Life is the first company to capture and make accessible “real-world” drug related effects intelligence from multi-sourced, cross-referenced data.


Electronic Health Records

Millions of clinical events recorded by medical professionals


Regulatory Agency Reports

Adverse Events reporting systems with millions of reports


Social Media Posts

Billions of patient-generated content gathered across the web

With real-world intelligence and analytical tools, pharmaceutical companies, health plans, hospitals and other healthcare stakeholders can gain insights and take actions to promote innovation, clinical research, drug safety and pharmacovigilance.


rx_profilerReal-world Intelligence for a Single Drug


Visibility Across Therapeutic Classes

pop_at_riskIn-depth Profiles and Studies

Post-launch Tracking and Alerts

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Adverse Events: High Risk, Big Impact


Bottom Line: Drug Adverse Events Morbidity and Mortality Costs
May Exceed Cost of Medication Itself